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Crying is very common habitant for a new born baby. As they can’t talk, they can’t write, they can’t tell what they need so instead, they cry. Sometimes there is no such real reason for baby crying but continuous crying of a baby can make its parents anxious, frustrated, helpless and even angry to think about the cause of crying. Some of the very common reasons of baby crying are:

  • Hunger: Crying is a signaling procedure to understand its parent that it need to feed now. Some common signs which denote the baby is hungry, are fussing, smacking of lips and putting their hands to their mouth. If parents are not sure whether their baby is hungry or not, offer a feed in crying time and see what happens.
  • Need Diaper Change: Some babies can bother dirty diaper for a while or some can’t. So, wet and dirty diaper is a cause of crying. Parents should be careful about this matter because if diaper is not changed timely, it can cause off nappy rash and other several diseases.
  • Need to Be Held: Baby feels comfortable by seeing their parent’s face, hearing their voices. If baby is crying because he need to be held, picking up and cuddling baby can stop baby crying.
  • Feel too hot or too cold: Babies are very sensitive when they feel too hot or too cold they may be cry. The ideal temperature for baby’s room is around 25 degree C or 89 degree F.
  • Needs Sleep: Timely sleeping is very essential for a healthy baby but new born baby can face the problem to cope up with new situation. Parents needs to rock-a-bye and other procedure which make baby to sleep.
  • Feeding: Feeding is the basic needs for a baby. If it can’t feed well that may cause crying.
  • Other reasons of crying including colic, illness, tummy trouble, boredom, thirst etc.


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