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All babies sometime or somehow cries. This is one of the most prominent way to communicate to their parents. If a boy or a girl needs a piece of cake they can ask for it, but new born babies do not have the capability of expressing their needs or thoughts, that’s why they cry to express themselves. This is the way how parents get to know what their babies want.

The most common reason of baby crying is that when a baby cannot find his parents around him. He felt a sense of insecurity and starts crying. And the most predictable reason of baby crying is that he needs food, he is hungry. Some very common signs of hunger are that baby puts his hands into his mouth that alerts his parents of that this is the right time for feeding. Baby crying is a very general approach for new born babies to express themselves.

Babies always love to see their parents around them it gives them a sense of security. Most of the babies start crying when they feel like their parents touch for holding them. Some babies get very attached with their toys, so when you take it back the baby starts crying for the toys. An incomplete or insufficient sleep can also make a baby cry for the whole day.

Domestic violence is also a very common reason behind why baby cry. Home anger, anxiety, noises these factors make a baby very stubborn and babies who grow in this type of environment get irritated easily and start crying, they sometimes find to be colic also.

Other possible reasons behind baby cry are abdominal pain, stomach flu, milk allergy, constipation, intestinal blockage.

Often baby cry after taking afternoon bath but some also like the bath. A dirty wet diaper can also make your baby cry. Some babies give signal to their parents when they need a change of diaper.

Parents need to be little alert about their babies reaction to know what they actually want.

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