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Colic is a condition in which a healthy baby cries for a long time or shows signs of discomforts. The baby often cries for a very long time without any definite reason. These types of syndromes usually have been seen among new born babies.

In medical terminology the colic means a severe unexplainable crying session which lasts for 3 hours or more than that also. Dr Morris Wessel a well-known new haven pediatrician first explains about colic. He defines that when a healthy well fed baby starts crying or fuss intensely for three hours continuously for every day in a week, then it is the possible symptom of colic, but all fussing babies are not colic because normal baby also cry three to two hours for every day.

Baby cry is a very normal behavior among infants. If any baby does not cry then that may be abnormal, hence baby cry is normal way for babies to show their demands, but continuous crying and every day makes the baby cry abnormal. This type of behavior indicates whether a baby is colic or not.

The colic babies start crying suddenly or sometimes… after feeding. The cry is very loud and continuous. The hands and feet of the baby get cold and face becomes red. Infantile colic begins at the age of 2 or 3 weeks and reaches its peak intensity at 2 or 3 months of age. It is generally seen that if both the parents are colicky then the baby may also be prone to colic.

The most depressing fact about colic is that the reason behind the colic is still unknown. Most of the new born babies suffer from this, but colic has also gone after age of 3 or 4 months.

Tips for treating colic is that do not overfeed, when parents see their baby crying, they misunderstood the reason behind the cry and overfeed the baby which causes the gas and gives adverse effect. Certain food can make the colic condition more worsen such as feeding extra sugary food like undiluted juice.

Sometimes excessive anger, anxiety, or household violence causes the colic.

The most useful tips for treating colic babies is that soothe them and let them drink a plenty of water which helps to clear their indigestion. There are also a lot of factors involved with colic which are yet to be found.



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Tips for treating colic

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